We provide environment friendly, safe and affordable LPG options…

Being the newest and the most dynamic, Intergaz is one of the three LPG companies in Turkish Republic of Cyprus.

About Us

The Most Efficient Energy

LPG has approximately 95% efficiency.

Easily Accessible Energy

Transfer opportunity leads to independency and continuous supply of LPG

Clean Energy

Emmission from solid particles of clean energy LPG is less than emmissions from wood, coal, diesel and similar products.

Cheapest Energy

In terms of efficiency and price, LPG is the cheapest energy source compared to others.

Intergaz Sales Point is Now Open!

Intergaz reach end users by applying wholesale prices on Orgaz products..


Undergound Tank

Intergaz has brought innovation to the sector on underground tanks, as well as aboveground tanks with its wide range of LPG tank products.
Beside its advantages such as being environment friendly in terms of landscaping, safer against hazards and having periodical maintenance convenience, an underground tank also provides cost-effectiveness and easy installation opportunity to the consumers.


Network Telemetry (Gas meters)

Housing estates or more than one building can also make use of LPG distribution network, while you install gas meters to your houses or workplaces. Customers have opportunity to make payment to the bank, Head Office or online, so that they can consume the paid amount as GSM system operated gas meters are charged automatically. Moreover, smartmeters provide consumers with avarage consumption and statistical information based on gas balance calculations in use.


Tank Telemetry (LPG bulk tanks)

Telemetry is a technology providing real-time information flow on consumers’ consumption or LPG service provider institutions’ supply by using GSM communication. As product level in the tank is remotely controlled by installing level indicator on tanks owned by customers who use bulk tanks in their houses or workplaces, a warning is sent to the user and the relevant company in case of critical product level, therefore level indicators lead efficient distribution in gas supply through early warning system.

  • Cartridge Products
  • Cookers and gas burners
  • Lamps and Heaters
  • Home appliances
  • Loaves and Hoses
  • Reheating Furnace and Welding Sets
  • Barbeques


With 274 Tons of Storage Capacity
We are the biggest and the most modernised LPG Filling Facility in the TRNC

Being the newest and the most dynamic, we are one of the three active LPG companies in the TRNC. With our 274 tons of storage capacity, we, as a company, have the biggest and the most modernised LPG filling facility in the TRNC.


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