We offer environment friendly, reliable and affordable LPG solutions. Intergaz is one of the three LPG companies in the TRNC, being the newest and the most dynamic.

What is a steel clyinder?

Generally knows as a steel cylinder, LPG is the mixture of butane and propane gases, liquified under pressure and obtained from natural gas beds or from fragmentation and distillation of crued oil.

It has transparent, odorless, combustible and flammable character.

It is stored in pressurised containers as liquified.

It is heavier than the air as gaseous.

It is specially odoured by the rafinary in order to identify gas leakages.

Steel Cylinders

Intergaz offers 5 different steel cylinders to its customers.

  • 2 kg narrow and wide rounded picnic cylinders
  • 10 kg domestic cylinders
  • 15 kg domestic cylinders
  • 25 kg commercial cylinders
  • 45 kg commercial cylinders 

Domestic Cylinders

Meeting the customer demands, Intergaz offers 10kg domestic cylinder products to satisfy their need at home.

All such cylinders with special shrink seal guarantee the primary use to the customers and that they are filled at Intergaz facilites.

Besides the most common steel cylinders 10 kg domestic cylinders, we offer also 15kg of cylinders for use in narrow places.

Small cylinders

Intergaz small steel cylinders are very practical in terms of handling. Containing 2kg of LPG, small cylinders are offered in two shapes; narrow rounded and wide rounded.

It can be easily used both at outdoor places and at home. Usage;


It is used for cooking, heating, steeping tea in the rooms of your house other than kitchen, such as terrace or hall, picnic and camp areas, backyards, on stalls, for heating food at stalls.


It is used for lighting purposes at picnic areas, on stalls and fishermen boats.


It is used for heating purposes at picnic areas, outdoor places, on boats and backyards.

In order to achieve the best performance and high safety in all different usage areas, it is recommended that Intergas products are used together with its equipments.

Commercial steel cylinders

Intergaz offers various types of steel cylinders as 15-25 kg and 45kg in order to meet the customer needs and demands. All of these cylinders are delivered to customers after completing all safety checks at Intergaz company and ensuring the primary use.


It means delivery of LPG with road tankers or trucks to customers who have their own tanks complying storage conditions. Bulk tanks are very common among the LPG products.

It’s everywhere you need energy.

It is possible to use bulk tanks in various fields such as industry; hot water and vapour production, heating processes; drying, brazing, cutting, welding. Bulk tanks are also used in tourism sector and at houses for heating, cooking and hot water supply purposes. In addition to these, it is used as propellant gas in aerosol industry after being exposed to special process. Known as standardized LPG, this product is commonly used for pampering raw material in plastic packaging and isolation materials production.

Bireysel Dökme Gaz

Centralized energy source of villas or houses is mainly bulk tanks.

  • Konut sahibiyle sözleşme imzalanır.
  • A contract shall be signed by the house owner.
  • n the delivery of a tank for a deposit, system should be installed for a fee.
  • Bulk tanks bill payments may be paid in cash within the bill payment period, by credit card at the time of delivery, or online.

Bulk Tanks at Home

Bulk tanks are used for meeting the all kinds of electricity needs of a house such as heating, cooking, hot water supply, cooling and electricity production.

  • Centralized control of any energy need of a house, 24/7 non-stop service in terms of technical support, maintenance, filling and distribution with specialized personnel.
  • Safe and fast service through immediate invoicing systems in all vehicles under road tank fleet equipped with meters
  • Higher combustion efficiency and calorific value compared to alternative energy sources
  • A clean ambient because it does not generate odor and soot while burning
  • Applications facilitating life such as online bulk tank order, online payment, mail order
  • Safety package above the standards via fire and earthquake valves.

Central Bulk Cylinder System

It is the system where energy needs of the residents of a building are met from a central bulk cylinder. In such cases, Intergaz has direct contact with the building responsible. Product level of the bulk cylinders are monitored by the building responsible/Intergaz and product supply is done accordingly.

  • A contract shall be signed with the building responsible.
  • While the bulk tank is delivered in deposit, and the system is installed for a fee.
  • The payment may be done online or by credit card at the time of delivery or transfer the payment within bill payment period.
  •  Bulk tank installation payment should be made in cash, by credit card, bank transfer within the given period, or via DBS or mail order.




Bulk Tanks Network System

Bulk Tanks System is designed customer oriented, in particular for apartment residents and villa owners. Energy is provided via installations to all members from the same tank. Bulk tank consumptions are monitored by İntergaz with the gas meters on each installation. Payments are only made based on gas consumption of each member.

Pay as you go

Every subscriber should install standart gas meter on their equipment in order to calculate consumer-based energy consumption. Bulk tank consumption are read from the gas meters and a bill is sent by the end of each month.

kullan ode

Contract Acceptor

During the residency sites construction phase, contract acceptor is the constructor, residency site managers or cooperatives. After the completion of construction, contract acceptor would be owners of the flats or villas.

Contract Type

  • A special protocol laying down the rules of bulk tank installations and gas supply at flats and villas shall be signed with the contractor, residency site managers or cooperatives.
  • Standard type of contract shall be signed with the flat or villa owners.

System Installation

Bulk tank are delivered as deposit, while the equipment and instalation are for a fee.


Product level in the bulk tanks are monitored and, if necessary, supplied by Intergaz when the level is low.


  • Bulk tank gas bills may be paid by a bank transfer withing the given period, by credit card at the time of delivery or online.
  • Bulk tank, equipment, installation, maintenance, subscription fee and deposit payment are collected by means of money transfer within the given period, by credit card or mail order.

Pay as you go system

In order to calculate energy consumption based on each subscriber and supply product, pay as you go smartmeters are installed on every installation. A top up card which should be top up upon the payment is provided to the customer, so that you can use the proportional amount of gas to the payment.

On Odeme

Contract Acceptor

During the construction phase of big residences, contract acceptor shall be the contractor, residence administration or the cooperatives. After completion of the construction, contract acceptor shall be individual flat or villa owners.

Contract Type

  • A special protocol laying down the rules of bulk tank installations and gas supply at flats and villas shall be signed with the contractor, residency site managers or cooperatives.
  • Standard type of contract shall be signed with the flat or villa owners.

System Installation

Bulk tank are delivered as deposit, while the equipment and instalation are for a fee.


Following the payment made by the customers, chip card should be top up.


Bills are delivered to the customes within the legal period of time..


  • Bulk tank consumption payment should be done in cash or by credit card in order to top up.
  • Bulk tank equipment, installation, maintenance, subscription fee and deposit payments may be done by bank transfer, credit card or mail order.

Acil müdahele ekibimiz sizin ihtiyaçlarınız için 7/24 hazır beklemektedir.


LPG Academy

LPG School is established in the last quarter of 2010 in order to inform public and the sector on LPG and raise awareness in that manner. There are four main training subjects in the school.

  • LPG school subjects:
  • LPG technical information,
  • Technical safety and fire safety,
  • Applied fire drill,
  • Occupational health and safety (OSH ) training.

Our main objective: specialized company personnel on the way being qualified experts provide training to the institutions and businesses, in the scope of social responsibility, to schools, stakeholders and ensure their high competences with an intention to maintain good service.

Specific objectives: To ensure that the participants have advanced level of knowledge about LPG scpecifications and hazards, be able to take measures against any fire risk and know when and how to intervene in case of any accident by taking security of life and property into consideration, and that they also keep public safety in the highest level by preventing, minimising and eliminating potential incidents such as expolison, death, choking and injuries as a result of potential hazards.

At the LPG school, participants are subject to a theoretical and applied training from certificated experts in the framework of legislation, procedures, instructions, regulations and technical manuals, in a given period of time. Their competency is approved by presenting a certificate at the end of the training.

Since its establishment, more or less 1560 people, in particular OSH experts, Fire Authority and Civil Defence Organization, students, Cyprus Turkish Petrols personnel, Koop-Sut, Cyprus Turkish Peace Forces and our stakeholder hotels and technical people from factories have received trainings at the LPG school.

These training continue to be held every two months, as 6 periods a year.

We are proud of providing bulk tank LPG services in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Intergaz quality and experience ensure your safety at all times.

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